Lass War began as an action outside the Northern Powerhouse Conference in Manchester on 21st February, 2017.

We gathered in man-suits and hi-vis, hard hats and smug faces to point at things importantly. We were inspired by the fact that the conference had 98 speakers on its line up- only 13 of them women. Many delegates and other people turned out to agreed with us that efforts to tackle the socio-economic inequality of the North of England require much greater diversity of voices than this. Guardian Article

Future actions will find more ways of demonstrating this.



Lass War comes out of The Campaign for Northern Voices. This is a campaign started by stand-up poet Kate Fox to see greater representation of Northern English Voices in the public sphere and to highlight stigma (often connected to class) which attaches to Northern accents. This might just involve pointing out that when audiences complained there was mumbling on ITV’s Police drama Happy Valley they actually meant “Northernness”.  Since she has been told that she was too Northern for Northern stations, that listeners would “get confused” about two female voices on breakfast radio news so she couldn’t read her own bulletins when she was a radio journalist, and that she doesn’t sound like a Radio 4 poet, she has become quite sensitive to issues of voice and representation. They do however, always connect to wider issues of structural inequality. She has decided to move beyond tutting and create performances which highlight these things.


Sally Wainwright says there should be more Northern voices on TV.

BBC Breakfast Reporter Steph McGovern says she was seen as “Too common” for telly.

Maxine Peake says regional accents are taken less seriously

Gearing up for the Great North Exhibition


7 thoughts on “About

  1. Anthea F Gupta says:

    Great idea. I assume this is the old five northern counties of Northumberland, Westmoreland, Cumberland, Lancashire, Durham and Yorkshire? Do we let Cheshire and Derbyshire in?


  2. Foz says:

    Ya neet, lang sin, I mind it weel
    Our lads’d bin t’t fell
    An’ bein tired went sain t’sleep,
    An lift me sittin’ bi mysel;
    I yard a jike ont winder pane, an wiertly went ter see,
    An when I said “wha’s jikin’ there?”
    Says chap – “It’s nobut me…,,”…
    “Wha’s ME ” sez I, “what wants’ter here, our follks are are all abed…”
    ” I nebet want yer folks at a’ , it’s thee I want” he said…
    Well it’s many a year agaa sin then,
    An’ many’s the times we’d hed,
    An’ three fine bairns has blessed ‘s baith, since Jim and I were wed..
    But sometimes when I’ m bi mysel, or I’ll ‘ Ave yan on mi knee,
    I’ll yar a jike ont winder pane an’ he’ll whisper…..”it’s nobut me……


  3. Theresa says:

    I agree, I am not ashamed of my northern accent. But also think maybe we should write for northern actors and push any ideas to be either on the tv or in the theatre.


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