Stereotyping the North

Am on a panel about Northernness with Andy Burnham at Deershed in July and hope I can manage to say that talking about Northernness in this way massively reinforces the stereotypes he’s trying to overturn. It’s a fine line to tread. The binaries still hold -North seen as working class and stuck, South (East)/London seen as middle class and aspirational. If you don’t caveat talk like this with talk about (for eg) Bourdieu’s ideas of Cultural Capital in which cultural status is as tied to embodied characteristics like accent and dress, or about the way that the myth of the binary itself is a way that those with more power and resources (eg Government/media) can hold the status quo without redistributing wealth then you’re just making existing inequalities and stereotypes WORSE. Off to do poeting at a big gathering of cultural organisations (Cultural Forum North) today. Hope to say this there but jovially and in rhyme 
(Edit-added later when I remembered)
Ongoing LSE research is finding there’s a “class ceiling” for entrants into elite firms and professions-and it is more acute in much of the North (possibly due to accent prejudice/travel issues etc). Hope he familiarises himself with this important ongoing research:


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